Business Plan 

For final major project, a business and marketing strategy was created for upcoming brand marko, who was entering the luxury male grooming market in central London. 

The business plan was the introduction of the concept, how it will work, what it will include, a 5 year financial plan, justification for choice of location and service by the use of key drivers. The aim was to create a luxury experience instant grooming service which will enter the beauty market by adapting to the Marko consumer lifestyle and making an income from doing so.

Marko is a brand new instant grooming service which is entering the male luxury grooming market based in central London. The service offers haircuts, trims and beard shaving until service progression in year 5 where service options will expand. Marko targets the generation x consumer 34-54 which will be launched in September 2016. Marko will be using and selling grooming products by Taylor of old bond street, a British made brand which was founded by Jeremiah Taylor in 1854. 

Marko offers a service where users are able to book, reserve grooming treatments, and buy products through the use of their service. the unique selling point is that it is a premium express service where the professionals come to you. It is instant customer service with easy scheduling for an appointment through the use of a smartphone app, a flexible and convenient option for men who have less time than most to have a social life involving retail and attending an actual barber store. this will be available in an app and website format which will launch 4 weeks before the service goes live in central London, September 2016.

Marko will create a successful brand reputation by incorporating celebrity endorsement, social media advertising and marketing to gain brand loyalty and familiarity in the luxury male grooming market. There are already similar concepts such as Marko out there in the market particularly in the USA for females with more to offer than just haircuts such as manicures, massages and spray tans. The concept has been mimicked by blownaway, vesette, beglammed and stylebee. marko is mimicing a concept which is already in a particular market in a different county.

Marko is adopting a similar approach to the food delivery service deliver-roo but mostly adapting to uber because the app will be laid out in extremely similar approaches. The concept will be available as an app, which will be free of charge for their customer. A website will also be provided for users offering an optional method of payment and information platform. It is a new beauty sector for the male luxury grooming market offering a prestigious experience. The service is a combination of mobile beauty and instant accessible service.

Marketing plan 

Markos brand mission is to combine grooming, luxury and accessibility into one. The aim is for Marko to form a trusting and brand loyal relationship with men who have less time on their hands to attend a groom-er due to their hectic lifestyle schedules altering personal grooming to their needs by providing instant service and excellent customer service throughout the experience.

Marko focuses on catering to its client instantly providing them with the best, experienced grooming stylists employed in central London. Marko is hoping to convert the instant room-service retail trend as a lifestyle and adjust it to the male grooming market. It is a luxury, exclusive experience. The brand collaboration with Taylor of old bond street, a brand who sell men’s grooming products epitomizes classic British style and underrated elegance, reliability and elegance with their products, will boost launch popularity and intrigue that male consumer into using Markos services as they are brand with strong British male grooming heritage.

The marketing plan included SWOT analysis, marketing, celebrity endorsement, social media, retention strategy, logo, website, press launch and also a mock-up of what the app and website would potentially include, the page options and visuals.