Sephora is a successful beauty-retail concept, which comprises 2,000 retail locations in 32 countries, this brandwas developed in the 1970’s selling more than 250 brands and 14,000 products. Sephora is an open-sellenvironment who sell cosmetics such as fragrance, skincare, makeup, body and smile care. Some of the brandsthat are sold within their stores are the likes of MAC, Laura Mercier, Chanel and many others.

This report justifies why Sephora should internationalise into the UK Chelsea, London. Their direct competitorsare successful retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols following indirect competition withsupermarkets Asda and Tesco, Sephora is a destination where you would go to purchase cosmetics whereas ifyou went to Tesco you are there to do your food shop whilst the high street makeup counter is there just to be alittle extra, both completely different cosmetics stores but both of their purposes are to sell make-up.

In this generation cosmetics have become popular and more noticed than ever before, being rated the mostimportant factor for building self-esteem, it contributes to confidence in appearance. It has become a more grownup tool and passionate culture in a woman’s life.

 Britain is Sephora’s goal target growthmarket. Sephora were looking for controlled growth in Britain but unfortunately they planned ahead way to fastand the resulted in a humiliating flop.

The chosen area of internalisation in the UK for Sephora is Chelsea in London, a high end prestige communityon Sloane Street which offers a world class service of some of the most leading, luxurious boutiques located onits street.

Sephora are well established on social media with 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 1.6 million followers ontwitter and 6 million likes on their official Facebook page. Although there may not be a store open in the UK,cosmetics fans are aware of the brand.